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Gold Heart Slider Beads, Heart Bead Spacers, Love Beads, 5 pieces


22k matte gold plated, unusual heart shaped bead slider. YOu can insert a bead max. 6mm big as can b..

Tiny Square Bronze Beads, Tiny Bronze Beads, Bead Sliders, Square Bead Spacers, 25 pcs


25 pieces tiny little square antique bronze bead sliders with circle patterns. QTY : 25 piecesS..

Victorian Style Gold Bead Sliders, Bead Spacer, 8 pieces


8 pieces of 22k matte gold plated victorian style bead sliders. QTY : 8 piecesSIZE: Approx.W: 8..

Textured Square Metal Beads, 22k Matte Gold Plated, 10 pieces


10 pieces of 22k matte gold plated textured square metal beads. QTY: 10 piecesSIZES: Approx: W:..

Silver Plated Tulip Bead Spacers / Tulip Bead Sliders, 5 pieces - Bead Supplies


5 pieces of weighty pretty tulip bead spacers / tulip bead sliders.QTY:..

Round Gold Plated Bead Spacers, Round Bead Slider, 6 pieces


6 pieces of excellent quality heavily textured 22k matte gold plated ro..

Antique Bronze Heart/LoveBeads, Love Embossed Beads, Large Hole Beads, Heart Bead Spacers, European Beads, 8 pieces


8 pieces of pretty antique bronze heart / love embossed beads with larg..

Gold Hollow Heart Bead Spacers with stamps, Heart Bead Sliders, 5 pieces


5 pieces of beautiful hollow heart beads, bead sliders, bead spacers wi..

Antique Bronze Mini Hexagon Beads, Square Bead Spacers, Faceted Square Beads, 15 pieces


15 pieces of cute little antique bronze hexagon beads.Antique bronze su..

Peach Pink, Engraved Shell Beads, Tube Beads with Rhinestone Cap, 1 piece


Beautiful, floral engraved shell bead with dark gray/clear crystal rhin..

Mini Gold Fish Beads, Fish Bead Spacers, 8 pieces


5 pieces of 22k matte gold plated heavily mini gold fish beads.QTY: 5 p..

Spotted Heart Beads, Heart Bead Slider, Heart Bead Spacer, 10 pieces-Bead Supplies


10 pieces of oxidized silver plated cute spotty heart beads, bead slide..

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