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Mini Flower Leaf Charms, 22k Matte Gold Plated, 20 pieces - Jewelry Supplies


A pack of 20 cute mini 22k matte gold plated flower leaf charms.QTY: 20..

Antique Silver Quote Tag Charms, Name Tags, Charm Tags, Tag Charms ''Made For You'', 10 pcs


10 pieces of cute little name tag charms with a quote '' Made For You''..

Mini Silver Chandelier Charms, Antique Sİlver Plated, 8 pieces


8 pieces of antique silver plated semi circle chandelier like charms. Q..

Mini Tribal Triangle Charms, Silver Plated, 10 pcs


10 pieces of small antique silver plated tribal triangle charms. QTY : ..

Mini Angel Feather Wings, Gold Angel Wings, 22k matte gold plated, 10 pieces


A pack of 10 pieces cute little 22k matte gold plated feather angel win..

Mini Silver Dragonfly Charms, 4 pieces - Jewelry Supplies


Cute little silver plated detailed dragonfly charms QTY: 4 piecesSIZE: ..

Silver Leaf Branch Charm Slider/Spacer, 4 pieces - Jewelry Supplies


Silver plated leaf branch charm slider / spacer. QTY: 10 piecesSIZE: Ap..

Silver Plated Bullet / Spike Charms, Bullet Supplies, 10 pieces


10 pieces of silver plated heavily bullet / spike charms. QTY : 10 pie..

Ottoman Gold Tughra Coin Charms, 15mm, 5 pieces


5 pieces of lovely 22k matta gold plated Ottoman tughra charms.A tughra..

Round Crystal Pendant Charm, Crystal Charms, Green, 1 piece - Jewelry Supplies


Beautiful cute round delicious green faceted crystal pendant charms fra..

Antique Silver Leaf Branch Charms, 27mm, 4 pieces


4 pieces of lovely antique silver plated leaf on a branch charms. QTY: ..

Large Crystal Charm Pendant with 22k Gold Plated Backed Bezel Setting, 13mm, 1 piece Gch-169


Beautiful, unique large crystal charm sitted in a 22k matte gold plated..

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