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Gold Plated Thin Leaf Charms, Leaf Charm Supplies, Gold Leaves, 10 pieces


10 pieces of 22k matte gold plated thin leaf charms.QTY: 10 piecesSIZE:..

Mini Tribal Triangle Charms, Silver Plated, 10 pcs


10 pieces of small antique silver plated tribal triangle charms. QTY : ..

Semi Circular Ethnic Hammered Matte Gold Plated Pendant


22k matte gold plated hammered semi circular ethnic pendants/charmsQTY ..

Ottoman / Turkish Tughra Coin Charms, Gold Plated, 10 pcs


Beautiful detailed 10 pieces of round traditional Turkish coin, tughra ..

Ottoman / Turkish Tughra Coin Charms, Silver Plated, 5 pcs


Beautiful detailed 5 pieces of round traditional Turkish coin, tughra c..

Ottoman Gold Tughra Coin Charms, 15mm, 5 pieces


5 pieces of lovely 22k matta gold plated Ottoman tughra charms.A tughra..

Silver Strawberry Charms, Charms Supplies, 3 pieces


3 pieces of cute thick and heavily antique silver plated yummy strawber..

Silver Plated Spike Charms with Large Loop, 6 pieces


6 pieces of matte silver plated spike charms with large loops.QTY: 6 pi..

Swirl Slider Charms, Silver Spiral Charms, Silver Plated, 8 pieces


8 pieces of silver plated swirl-spiral slider charms. QTY: 8 piecesSIZE..

Gold Triangular Zigzag Charms, 10 pieces - Charms Supplies


10 pieces of cute little triangular/triangle charms with zigzag accents..

Mini Gold Om Symbol Charms, Yoga Symbol Charms, 10 pieces


10 pieces of mini OM symbol charms. QTY : 10 piecesSIZE : Approx. W: 8 ..

Silver Tone Heart Charms, Love Charms, 2 pieces - Charm Supplies


2 pieces of cute heart charms with floral accent round the hole with th..

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